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In places like California live traffic information is everywhere: TV tickers, interactive billboards, laptops, i-pads, phones and mobile devices.

In Costa Rica drivers use guesswork, luck and intuition. Tired of rounding the bend to find an infinitely long string of brake lights stretching to the horizon? Do something about it.

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Current Road and Emergency Status - Click symbol or highlighted road for details - Updated as conditions change.

We have access to fleets of professional drivers to provide us with updates and also welcome your input (here’s how) but we’re still working on real time reporting so you can access the info in the way that’s most convenient for you.  Right now you can check the calendar to the right for current and scheduled highway construction info and maps to help choose the best route and avoid delays.

However traffic information is only helpful in real time so please leave a comment below with your opinion on the best way to get the info out.  Would you follow alerts on twitter? Like to have an RSS feed for your website? Prefer a text message?  Do you need a map location for delays?

4 Responses to Road & Traffic Updates

  1. Roberto Hart says:

    Thank you for doing this! We have book marked this page and will follow it as we tour the Nicoya Peninsula this month. Looks safe over there for now. We will be bringing your waterproof map with us.

  2. Ray says:

    Enjoy your trip Roberto, and feel free to post updates here and we’ll get them on the map.

  3. orlando alvare says:

    what is the number on the map of the new highway from san jose to caldera? is it open yet? did the weather do any damage to it? pls. advise, thanks, orlando

  4. Ray says:

    The number is 27 and it opened in January 2010 but has been closed several times since then. It was damaged by the huge rains in November, but looks like it’s finally open for good starting in 2011.

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