Hwy 39 – Circumvalación Rotunda Alajuelita Guanacaste/Rancho

Hwy 39 – Circumvalación (Ring Road)  Rotunda Alajuelita Guanacaste/Rancho
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Expect 10-15 minute delays especially eastbound passing through the Hatillos  during morning hours and westbound at Paso Ancho in the afternoon due to curiosity slowdowns and confusion for drivers adjusting to the new on/off ramps, left turn restrictions and overpass that opened Monday Aug 30, 2010.

Work on the rotunda (roundabout), ramps, entrances and pedestrian bridge will continue lane closures and slowdowns on Hwy 39 both directions through September 30, 2010

30 Policía de Tránsito officers are assigned to regulate traffic along the ring road and they will be concentrating on this area for the rest of the week.

Likely to continue August 30 through September 3, 2010

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