The Road to Recovery

Costa Rica Road Damage, Landslides & Bridge Outages Under Repair

Costa Rica’s roads and highways finally caught a break in October after record rains in August and September damaged every major highway and at times paralyzed the entire country with closures of all the routes in and out of the capital simultaneously.

October was unusually dry allowing progress to shore up all of the ways to San José but the extent of the damages and limited funds mean resources are stretched thin and progress is slow.  Highway 27 is the hardest hit and although it’s currently open with the aid of temporary Bailey bridges over the worst of the washouts there are a number of construction delays and legislators continue to discuss long term closure due to safety hazards. Repairs on Highway 1, 2, 3, and 32 will continue through November.

Enlarge Costa Rica Road Emergencies

Normally November is the beginning of the end for the rainy season in Costa Rica and by December you can count on the drier weather patterns with mostly sunny days and afternoon or overnight rain showers prevailing.

For the end of 2010, the National weather service stands by its prediction that the La Niña phenomenon will intensify the November aguaceros (downpours) and extend them into mid-December.

A couple of old timers have commented to us that they think the rainy season is already done.

We’re headed out on the road for most of November to update the Toucan Waterproof Map of Costa Rica and inspect lodges, hotels, restaurants and activities so we’re hoping the scientists are wrong and the old timers are right.

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  1. Justin H says:

    Just sitting in Logan Airport in Boston planning my route home in Costa Rica. Great site!

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