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If you’d like to contribute to the Costa Rica Road condition updates please…

  1. If there is already a posting here about the construction, washout, improvement etc. that you have information about, simply add a reply to the post.
  2. e-mail us at roadupdate@gmail.com or by using the contact form
  3. tweet us @roadupdates from your phone or computer
  4. text us at our U.S. number YAK-A-ROADS2 (925-276-2372)
  5. call us on the same number – we don’t answer, but your voice message is transcribed into text and sent to us for processing.

Helpful information to include

  1. The GPS coordinates e.g. “9.9982,-84.1431″
  2. Highway or route number and kilometer marker
  3. Road name, Guápiles Highway for example
  4. Distance to nearest town to the north, south, east or west

Plus a brief description of what the update is.  Some recent real life examples…

10.0004,-84.1954, construction, one lane traffic
General Cañas northbound, 2 km east of Alajuela, accident, emergency vehicles, one lane open
Hwy 1 south of Limonal closed, bridge out

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